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Why commercial roofing maintenance is so important

Even though you may have just invested in a new roofing system and it should be without fault, it is important to make sure it stays performing year after year. Wind, rain, hail, snow and sleet all affect a roofing system’s performance on a continuous basis. Commercial roof maintenance is important to avoiding leaks and keeping it watertight. It is critical to have routine inspections to provide you with early detection of problems and issues that should be addressed.

Your own commercial roofing maintenance team or building maintenance team can do some routine procedures to keep your roof maintained. Some of the more basic things like cleaning debris and making sure nothing is blocking the roofs drains. It is important to minimize roof traffic and where walk patterns develop it is good to provide membrane protection with walkway pads. Maintenance should be performed at least twice a year.

With biannual inspections several things should be checked:
The Flashing – These are critical because most leaks originate at these locations. Drains, skylights, curbs, walls should be checked as they are stress points and can be a big source of leaks.
Field – The roofing field should be inspected for overall degradation and surface wear.

A maintenance check list can be useful to help document conditions and to be a reminder of areas to watch in the future.

Hiring a Top Roofing Contractor

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