What Roofing Styles to opt for?

The roofing style is normally taken for granted at the time at the time of building design. The roof design is not the same and not for one same purpose. There is a number of roofing styles which served differently and designed for different weathers. The detailed information of and purpose of the different roofing styles are as follows.

Box Gable Roof

It is a type of roof with two slopes which meet together to form a triangular shaped roof. This roof style is very much suitable for the cold weather where the seasonal snowballing takes place. The triangular shape of roof deals perfectly with heavy rain, storm, and snow. The roof design is available on both metal and Asphalt.

Combination Roof

The combination roof is a mixture of various roof design such that, Bonnet roof and Box Gable Roof. This type of roof is used particularly in fancy houses because of the sophistication and uniqueness. It is very popular for users who are conscious about aesthetics.

Butterfly Roof

The butterfly roof design is popular design in which two pieces of roof joint together to form a vertical V-shaped butterfly like structure. This roof design is attractive and modern. Moreover, it benefited the roofs and windows as well. Such a style is beneficial for the rainy weather because of its V-shaped structure. Its structure harvests the water of the rain through the center channel.

Flat roofing

This is a simple design, and simple structure allows the rainwater to drain properly. This simple structure is used frequently in offices and industrial buildings. The flat roof structure gains popularity in the homes as well due to its simplicity, and it is a perfect structure for the rooftop garden.

Curved Roof

It is an extremely modern design roof which is curve shape and gives a very decent look. The metal of the modern day is molded into different shapes according to the style, design and the requirement of the customer. Curve roof is wind resistant and gives a wonderful aesthetics to the building.

Skillion OR Shed Roof  

It is the simplest type of roof structure comprises of the flat structure with the steep angles. The steep angles allow the water to flow through the proper channel. This is the most frequently used material because of its cheap rates because it uses an only a single piece of the roof instead of a complex structure.

Pyramid Hip roof

Pyramids hips roof is the design of various roof pieces for a square like structure which looks like a pyramid. This structure of the roof is highly resistant to wind and survive in the storm of USA. This is the modern shape of the roof. And the very much common style in the USA.  Modern days roofing structure and material provide the customer with a variety of choices. The metal can be molded in it’s a various design which is eye-catching and attractive as well. There are various companies which provide the service of roofing and gives the different design options to the customers as well.

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