Sustainable Roof System in michigan

How to get Sustainable Roof System in Michigan

Having in mind that you get to come home to a stunning roof over your head is one of the most satisfying parts of being a homeowner. However, knowing that you’ll eventually need to replace the entire roof is one of the most discouraging situations for you. High roof replacement cost may be the financial factor but the discomfort comes when it gets leaked during storms or rainy season that causes you an emergency situation where you can find yourself helpless. Your entire family may suffer in such an unfortunate event. This is the reason that you should go for a regular check on your Roofing conditions for any vulnerabilities.

Making your roof last longer is the only option that can help reduce such emergency situations.  All it takes is maintenance and good care through a professional Roofer in your area. Regardless of the type of roof you have and how sturdy the materials are, roof maintenance is important to prevent leaks and make the structure durable. Even if you’ve recently repaired or replaced your roof, there are some measures you can take to make it sturdy and maintain its excellent shape. 


Your First Priority must be a Choice of Professional Roofer

When you need shingle roof replacement or repair, it is worth hiring a reliable, qualified roofer to get the job done. You must go through some pre-checks before hiring a Roofer because if all goes well then your roofer becomes your asset for all your future needs in your roofing work. 

If you are confused about how to look for a professional roofer and how you should filter the best one, we have below helpful articles that will be helpful in selecting the best and professional roofing company.

Looking for a fully insured company and research about the manufacturer certifications are just some of the general basic factors to consider. In the above articles we have briefed in detail that shows your Roofing company professionalism and commitment to their duty while you test on your roofing job.

It’s crucial for you to get some basic idea of the Roofing work that your roofing company must do for the first time before offering you a customised solution.Here the list is:

  • Cleaning the gutters:As leaves pile, gutters may be blocked. As such, water won’t flow properly away from the roof. This may damage areas such as the lower duckboard of your roofing companent. 
  • Clear leaves :Always remember to clear the accumulated leaves regularly. Otherwise, they’ll attract moisture and lead to minor damages to your roof.
  • Trim the hanging branches:Hanging branches near your structure can break off or lead to massive damage to your roof. Additionally, through these branches, small animals like squirrels can easily access your roof, where they can create holes or lead to other damages. 

Check your roof periodically: 

It is important to check your roof regularly for damage, especially after a strong storm or hail. Check the shingles that appear to be loose using binoculars. Also, check the flashing around chimneys and vents. 

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Professional inspection 

Although you may see some obvious indication of damages by yourself, professionals know exactly what they should look for. This helps in spotting small issues before they become more extensive. 

Clear the snow

It is always fun to play in the snow. However, a massive pile of snow on your roof can lead to massive damage, and you may need to replace the shingles. The snow piling on an older or shabbier roof can collapse the roof. 

To remove snow from your roof, use a snow rake to scrape away the snow. This relieves the weight of the snow and minimises the chances of collapsing. 

Remove mold and moss. 

Molds, moss, and mold spores can easily spread from one rooftop to another as they can be carried by the wind. While algae are likely not to cause much damage to asphalt roofing, moss and mold can be damaging. Both mold and moss are supported by moisture. Therefore, if you come across any of these, there must be a leak. 

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Additionally, moss can curl asphalt shingles, increasing the chances of losing shingles in bad weather. It may also attract moisture in other layers of the roofing system. Also, molds can lead to the decay of the roof structure, leading to severe damage. 

Try spry any moss or mold on your roof using a liquid chlorine bleach and water mixture. Chill for about half an hour and power wash it off. 

DIY maintenance 

Many homeowners know how expensive it might be to repair their roofs. For sure, it may cost thousands of dollars depending on the damage gravity. However, the major concern about DIY maintenance is safety. It is quite dangerous as it involves climbing on top of the roof without the proper equipment and the knowledge to complete the task. Professional roofers often undergo massive training regarding safety. 

Active maintenance routine

Another way to make your residential roof serve you longer is by having an active maintenance routine. While home maintenance might be the last thing you need to think about on lazy weekends, a little tender loving care will go towards making your roof serve you longer. 

Eventually, it doesn’t have to be a daily task. Roof care can only be done twice a year. Try and check your roof once at the onset of the fall and the onset of winter. The main objective of roof maintenance is to prevent damage by ensuring that moisture doesn’t penetrate other layers of the roofing system. Checking you’re in the fall and spring is another way of preparing your roof for a winter storm and heavy rains in the summer. 

While up there, you should focus on three things:

  • Sweeping the roof surface to clear any debris
  • Clearing any pilling from the gutter and downspout
  • Power washing any sign of moss growth.

Also, check if there is any sign of moisture penetration, as you’ll soon need to take care of those things. 

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Consider preventive measures.  

Investing in preventive measures will prevent you from replacing the entire structure. 

Give your attic suitable insulation. This keeps the interior temperature more stable, preventing water vapour from pooling below the roof. 

After the insulation, tackle the ventilation. Good ventilation also prevents water vapor and prevents moisture from damaging the sheathing and the roof’s rafters. Check the vents of your attic to ensure that they are completely free from debris.

Fix the problems early 

This is the last preventive maintenance that costs nothing. You only need to check your roof and ceiling. By regularly observing your roof, you’ll see what it looks like when it’s well maintained and when something is not right. This will help you catch the problems early and do mere fixes rather than massive renovations.  

The bottom line 

Roof maintenance is the key to a long-lasting roof. This will not only give your structure a good shape but also eliminate the need to replace your roof. Additionally, it keeps you from massive renovations that may cost you thousands of dollars. No matter how strong the materials appear, roofs are not made to stay for life time. However, the durability and longevity of your roof depends on your efforts towards maintaining it.