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Should You Get a Roof Repair or a Replacement? Factors to Consider for Michigan Homes

When it comes to roofing systems, it is always better to prevent any damages than to actually ‘cure’ them. However, sometimes it’s just too late and a home owner is forced to call a roofing contractor to either replace or repair the roof. In most cases, when contractors are called to inspect roofs, they push for a roof replacement. On the other hand, most home owners feel that a roof repair on the damaged parts would be more ideal, than a roof replacement.

The question on whether to get a roof repair or a roof replacement still dazzle majority of homeowners. Roof repair is indeed the cheaper alternative, yet, it could prove to be the most expensive in the long run. Roof replacement can be quite expensive, but it saves the homeowner any costs which would be incurred for future repairs.

Still, some roof damages don’t really require a roof replacement, as a simple roof repair can fix the problem for good. So, how can you know whether your roof needs a roof repair or a roof replacement? Read along.

Roof Repair vs Roof replacement

Factors To Consider In Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace

Before you can go for a roof replacement or repair, you need to consider a number of factors. The following 7 factors can help you determine what would be the best choice for your roofing system;

1.) Roof Age

If damages occur in your roof, the age of the roof is the very first consideration that you should consider before you can decide on whether to repair the damage or replace the roof. For instance, the average lifespan of asphalt shingle roofs is between 15 to 30 years. If the roofing system is still quite new and the most part of it in a good shape, then a simple spot repair on the damaged area can be effective.

However, if the damage has occurred when the roof is nearing, or past its lifespan, then the best alternative would be to replace it. Making repairs on such an old roof would only be postponing the failing of the roofing system.

2.) Roof Leaks

If you have a leaking roof, first inspect the roofing system to determine how advanced and widespread the leaks are. Most roof leaks tend to occur along the roofing system’s flashing points. If the leaks occur at these flashing points, and are isolated, then most probably a simple roof repair is all that is required. However, if the roof leaks are widespread and occur in several other places on the roof, then this may indicate a more advanced damage, requiring a complete roof replacement.

3.) Future Plans About the House

Do you intend to sell the house after a few years? Or, are you planning to keep the house throughout your lifetime, and even for generations to come? Considering the future plans that you have for your house can help you determine whether to get a roof repair or a replacement.

If you plan on selling the house after some years, and a big part of the roof is in a good condition, then having a roof repair would be more sensible.

4.) Cost

It is important that you take into consideration the costs of repairing the roof, versus replacing it. You can get the most accurate information on the costs from trusted professionals contractors.

Normally, a few roof leaks and missing shingles would require a roof repair, which is not only cheap but also most convenient. However, when the roof repair required is quite significant, then you would need to consider partial re-roofing, or complete roof replacement, dependent on your budget.

5.) The Current Condition of the Roof

Roofing systems require regular and careful maintenance. When these are properly maintained, they can last for many years, sometimes even surpassing their expected lifespans. When roof damages occur on roofing systems that are well maintained, simple roof repairs tend to solve the problems just as effectively.

Lack of proper maintenance of the roof can lead to the system being in a very poor condition. When roof damages occur on poorly maintained roofing systems, the best option is always to replace the roof. After all, poorly maintained roofs rarely live to their fullest lifespans, and at most times require premature replacement.

6.) The Architectural Integrity of the Roofing System

Replacing the roofing system of your house is obviously going to change how your property looks. This is because, the roof of a house is one of the most important components of its architecture. Therefore, once you have replaced the roof, your property will not be the same as it was before.

So, if you live in a classic home, or simply love the architectural design of your home, then you would do well to opt for a roof repair. Roof repairs only affect small portions of the roof, ensuring that the architectural integrity of the home is maintained. Unlike roof replacements, roof repairs do not interfere with the original composition of a home.

7.) Urgency

Sometimes, roof damages can occur when we are in a time crunch. It could be that we had already set plans, which involve leaving the house for a couple of days. Of course, no one would want to postpone roof damages, such as a roof leak, to until when they come back.

It is during such circumstances, when a homeowner is pinched for time, that he or she can decide to opt for a roof repair. A roof repair would be possible within a very short notice. More so, the roof repair process is usually fast, such that it cannot mess or interfere with already set plans.

On the other hand, a roof replacement requires a lot of time, for negotiating and funding the replacement process. Deciding to get a roof replacement would, therefore, mean that you cancel your trip, or plans, so as to make time for this.


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