There are available different kinds of roofing services in USA and it consists of three part such as: low cost roofing, medium cost roofing and high cost roofing. These are described in below:

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Low cost roofing

In case of low cost roofing, they include the asphalt shingles and rolled roofing whereas more than 60% house owner in USA use the asphalt shingles. There has used fiber glass with a layer of granules in terms of covering roof in the shingles. On the other hand, rolled roofing has considered as easy way to install and cheap rate for the roofing.

Medium cost roofing

It has involved the metal roofing, wood shake and synthetic slate in where metal roofing covers the roof with the materials like: zinc, aluminum and galvanized steel. On the contrary, the wood shake roofing seems so unique and attractive which differentiates the house from neighbors. It has the lifespan of 30 to 40 years which is more durable than the asphalt shingles. Lastly, though synthetic slate is heavy and difficult to install but it ensures visual appeal of the slate as well as more durable than others.

High cost roofing

In USA, there are large number of people who prefer to have roofing such as: green roofing and copper roofing and these are so expensive but so unique. In here, they prefer the green roofing which will cover with vegetation whereas they effectively raise the roots to attach with the structure. It facilitates in getting insulation in both hot and cold seasons. On the other hand, copper roofing has been using in USA from the very early age of 18th century. It ensures the lifespan of 100 years as well as resistant to heavy rain and winds. There has used one of the most attractive metallic materials for roofing whereas the color can be changes through the various shades of brown.