roof repair or replacement in farmingotn mi

Roof Repair or Replacement? How to decide?

There may arise a question whether it is a wise option to opt for a roof replacement or roof repairing? This question holds a great importance for homeowners as this can save  them a lot of money.  No matter whether you are able to see and observe the damage with your eyes, an expert’s opinion will always be required. Delaying or having your roof repaired before time both will end up in a loss. Similarly, ignoring the need for replacement will lead to serious implications that might cost you a fortune. An expert roofing company will always advise you accordingly to help you with this complicated decision.

In order to make a right call, there are several factors that need to be considered such as the age of the roof, extent of the damage caused and the amount of area that has been affected. Whether looking for roof repairing or replacement, it is important to discuss these factors with a roofing expert and then make your own priority list. 

Signs That Indicate You Need A Roof Repair:

Minor damages caused due to thunderstorms, heavy wind or snowfall may not be so harmful for the roof. Thus, choosing repair as an option is a better choice. However, before jumping onto any conclusions hiring a roofer is necessary. The roofer will inspect the roof to determine whether there is a need for repairing a few shingles or a patch of a certain area of the roof.  During the inspection, the exterior of the roof as well as the interior decking boards will also need to be analyzed to know the extent of the damage.

Homeowners often underestimate the damage that can be caused due to water leakage, hence expert roofers help them understand the extent of the damage. There may be a possibility that the leakage may just be around the flashing points, in this case repairing would work as the leaking point can be isolated.

If the homeowners expect roofing issues for the first time, there is a huge possibility that your best choice would be to opt for repair rather than replacement. If your roof is relatively new, it will not give up on you the first time. It is not a bad option to consider repairing before going for replacement.

Signs That Indicate You Need A Roof Replacement:

The word roof replacement might be a nightmare for most of the homeowners! But if done through proper channels, it can become a smooth journey. No doubt it costs a fortune, but will be beneficial in the long run specifically if your roof is more than 20 years.

Shingles can often be damaged due to storms or high wind and might end up falling off or being cracked. On the other hand, there might be a call for a more serious issue like buckling in the roof or curling shingles. In such cases it’s wiser to choose roof replacement.

While inspecting the interior decking boards the roofers will analyze the moisture damage. If there appears sagging, black spots or peeling paint, you will be suggested an immediate roof replacement.

Have you had to repair your roof twice or thrice in a year without any positive outcome? If such is the case and it seems like pouring in the money to repair the roof is going in vain, it is time to consider roof replacement. Laying shingles over shingles will never give satisfactory results. Going for roof replacement will not only enable you to incorporate technologically advanced features leading to energy efficient and durable results but also create a more aesthetically appealing roof design as there may be a possibility that you may not find matching shingles like your existing ones.

Regardless of whether it is going to be repaired or replaced, the roofing company will help you make the right decision. As having several years of experience, the experts can provide you with sound and impartial advice on how to extend the life of your roof or whether going for a roof replacement would be a wise choice. 

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