roof tear off shingles in mi

How & when to tear off your roof shingles in Michigan?

You see the damages on your roof and know it’s time for a roof replacement. It seems a hectic job but when it comes to reinstalling a new roof; it’s worth it. Keep in mind you will be working with unfamiliar tools and on a slope surface so you might not be well equipped. It is highly recommended you hire a professional roofing company to help you get rid of those weary shingles. Get an estimate and then decide. When you request for an estimate let them know you would consider hiring them for the new roof installation too and you will get a good rate.

1.      Assess why you need to tear off the existing roof shingle layer:

We suggest you get an expert’s opinion to help you make that decision. The benefit is that you’ll be able to see if the deck or the underlayment needs any repair. Ensure you plan it in a way that your roofing company can start simultaneously with the installation of the new roof. Remove section by section so there is no exposed area although your roof can bear it but it’s better to not let any direct damage. Try to have the new roofing material already at site so there’s no delay. Once a section is removed, install the new shingles before proceeding to tearing off the next section. This will save your roof some damage.

2.      A disposal plan in place

Since you will be shedding off materials, nails and other debris, it’s best to have your windows, air conditioners and door covered. Have tarps at the ground to catch any nails that fall off. Rent a trash container or two so you don’t have to make multiple trips to dispose of debris and waste time. Cleaning up later would be efficient too.

3.      Get the permit

Before you start, get any necessary permit that you would need. Check your area and building requirements from the city office and just pay a quick visit – show your plans, pay a fee and there you go you’ll be all set to tear it off. You might want to search up the requirements and laws first, which will save you time with the documents required upon visit.

4.      Time to gather your tools:

Gather your tools and don’t forget a safety harness. Get a square-edged shovel since it will help you in scraping it off. Recommended is a modified shovel-type tool which easily peels off the shingles. Make sure you have your work gloves on and are wearing those protective boots so you’re safe from those flying or misplaced nails.

5.      Let’s start tearing:

So now is the time to start tearing but from where should you actually start? Start from the farthest away to where you placed your bin so you can easily travel across and throw away the trash. Remove the ridge caps at first and then move to the shingles. Shingles are installed from the bottom to up hence the will need to be removed from the top going downwards. Push and steadily slide down popping away the shingle till you run into a nail. Remove those nails and then continue. Go section by section; start with the ridges first, then the flashing followed by the vent and then the edges.

6.      Disposing away the garbage:

Do not overburden yourself when making trips to throwing in the trash, you can slip or run into a nail or any obstacle and end up sliding off the roof. Carry what you can easily and make light trips to throw away the garbage in the container.

7.      Clean your roof:

Once all the shingles are removed, clean your roof off any debris or nails. Look for any repairs the deck needs and check out your flashes if they need to be repaired or reinstalled as well. After a thorough clean up make sure everything is covered and no area is overly exposed till your new roof installation starts.

8.      Clean up the ground now: Once you’re done with the entire work make sure to clean up the ground level. Get a magnetic roller to find any unwanted loose nails in the garden or the yard and clean them up. Clean the nails by checking repeatedly because you don’t want anyone getting hurt during a nice weather walk in the lawn.

Now it’s time for the final step – pat yourself for the wonderful job that you did and managed to stay uninjured. Enjoy the clean roof for a bit and then feel the achievement once the new roof is installed and your home looks all pretty. Enjoy the satisfaction and the new outlook as well.

Since many people are not trained, we recommend hiring a professional to remove the shingle layers. Each roof is designed differently and comes with its own complexities. Steep slopes are very risky and dangerous because a normal individual would likely not have the relevant equipment or take the safety measures. While saving the labor cost you risk your own self which isn’t worth it. Hire a professional and they will do the job in a shorter period than you will be managing on your own. Get the same company for the new installation and you’ll get yourself a great deal.

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