How to Fix Residential Roof Leaks and cracks

Whether you are living in a residential building or in your own house, you will once or more face an issue with your roof. It can vary from leaks to cracks and much more. All you must know is that you cannot wait longer to fix this problem.
Though it was easier to build any type of roof, however, it might be difficult to repair or replace it with an entirely new roof. Well, don’t worry because you may not need to change your roof with a new one. This problem is fixable, and we can help you with it.
One of the many concerns faced by any kind or type of roof is leaks and moisture. It is not a unique problem and can happen for a number of varying reasons:
Usually, built-up roofs (BUR) experience this problem because of flashing details. Almost 95% of the leaks happen at flashing details. The reason can be improper fastening of flashing details during installations or the termination or interruption of the membranes of the roof.
Hot bituminous and torch-applied modified bitumen roofs can also experience leaks and moisture. This can be due to improper installation of moisture barrier under a coping cap on parapet walls. Moreover, bitumen roofs can also leak due to no proper installation of flashing as well.
Moisture infiltration can also happen through inadequate head laps and backwater laps. This causes water to go under the membrane only if the field of the roof is installed making water to flow against the lap. Thus, causing leaks and blisters.
Cold-applied modified bitumens can cause improper storage of materials resulting in moisture infiltration, and under-application of adhesives can end up with poor lamination and roof leaks. This can also happen due to single-ply membrane roofs installed with poor seams.
As mentioned above, these and many other residential roofing issues are repairable with a number of solutions. First of all, if you want to live a comfortable life then keep your home ventilated and insulated. It will prevent the growth of fungi, mould, bacteria and viruses. Most people don’t think about moisture until it’s too late, however, it is a really big problem which should be quickly dealt with. Secondly, deal with your leaks and moisture quickly through:
• Keep it free of debris.
• Replace the missing or damaged shingles.
• Ensure that cracks around chimneys, skylights and vents are properly sealed.
• Replace or seal any holes and cracks with metal flashing.
• Repair any roof leaks, immediately.
Remember that this moisture can build up in the attic and crawl up to all the space in your roof. Some roofing agencies can block the spaces for ventilation. Make sure that your house is properly ventilated for not only roofing issues but for your and your family’s proper health.

We encourage you to not destroy your house interior due to leaks and moisture, call us (734) 225-2525. Tittle Brothers Roofing can help you to make sure that your home is moisture-free and properly insulated. We will give you quality inspection, and if needed, friendly and professional on-time repairs.

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