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How to Fix Ice Dam Roof Leak in Michigan?

Ice dams can cause serious roof leak problems which can damage your overall house structure resulting in major disaster.As a homeowner you must takes steps to protect your roof through regular check and maintenance so you and your family can feel safe and secure from any disaster to occur.

The roof is the central part of any house. People from all over the World design their homes for their climate and living standards. An Overlapping piece of metal, tiles, or wood to cover the roof is called roof shingles. It is mostly used to fall of water, snow, and ice. With this technique, water and ice easily fall, and no need to drop them manually in snowy areas.

Ice dams are formed when there is the difference in the internal and external temperature of your house. Melting snow can freeze near the eaves and cause an ice dam.If you see any visible ice dams that many hang from your gutter then it should be the first warning that you should consider. Heat loss inside the attic is also a big factor and the reason for this may be that your home is not well insulated.

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Michigan Roofing Services to Fix ice Dam Leaks


if you see any visible sign of ice dams during winter then you must try to fix it yourself or your local roofer who might find and detect the cause before fixing the roof leak.

  1. First step start from the Removal of snow from your roof using roof rake. Be careful while removing the snow and if the your roof is in height then it’s good to hire a roofer to do this for you. Be careful not to lift or tear shingles yourself and ask roofer to do whatever need to remove or fix. Hiring a Roofer will be helpful and don’t risk your life by climbing on the roof especially if you are overage or have fear from height. Fixing yourself is only recommended when no other options are available.
  2. Second preventive measure for ice dam is Insulation of your roof to reduce heat loss through the ceiling into your attic. Bette insulation can ensure less heat raise form the interior for your roof which will restrict the ice dam formation.
  3. Proper ventilation system can help the formation of ice dam because there will be a moderate weather condition if there is proper air circulation inside and outside your roof. This will equalize and balance the air temperature inside and outside of your attic.

How we can help you in fixing your Ice Dam leaks?

If you are a home owner then it might be helpful for you to hire a professional roofer for Leak detection and Fix with valid license with experience in roofing will be a best option. Hiring a roofer is risk free because a professional roofers work in team and coordination with all tools and equipment that will make quick fixes on agreed terms. We offer FREE ESTIMATES so you can compare the costs with other roofers and hire us when you are full convinced. The other benefit with us is that we can help you i your insurance claims as we work with insurance companies to give you maximum available benefits.

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