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How to Find Roof Leaks In Michigan Area?

A vital factor that contributes to a building’s aesthetics is the style of roofing. In Michigan, there are many colors, patterns, and textures of roofing ranging from flat roofs, metal, tiles, and shingles. The most popular roofing materials in most homes in Michigan are the shingles.

Roof shingles are available in a variety of local materials like asphalt, wood, stone, fiber cement, metal, plastic, and cedar.

In Michigan, Asphalt shingles are currently the most utilized roofing material in many residential roofing applications. They come in quite a number of colors and styles and are somewhat affordable and easy to install with a lifespan of 20 0r 60 years in other areas. However, these shingles are prone to erosion and eventually become damaged. The protective characteristics of fiberglass and paper shingles are because of long-chain hydrocarbons; with time, the hot sun softens the compounds and the rain-washes them away causing asphalt shingles to shrink thereby exposing nail heads underneath. Since the nail heads are exposed, water will pour down the roof and seep into the building; gradually, there will be rotting of roof building materials, leaks, and worse still, moisture damage to paint and the ceilings in the house.


Roof Leaks

It can be menace every time it rains and the roof leaks. Every small drip signifies a larger roofing issue and if left unrepaired, you are going to lose what you invested in terms of time and money. Below are three main causes of roof leaks common with roof shingles.

Broken shingles

High winds, unfavorable weather, and heavy rains are responsible for this. Shingles are the outermost layer of a roof; to identify broken shingles, you may notice missing shingles by the different colored spots on the roof or you may find a litter of shingles around the yard after a storm.

Cracked vent booting

Mainly caused by roof decay that causes the flashing to break. Roof vents are the small pipes that stick out the roof. They get rid of excessive moisture from the interior parts of the house. Leaks from the roof vents leave behind mustiness and dark spots.

Cracked flashing

Flashing are small metal pieces placed under shingles and on joints of your roof to form a water-resistant wall that can be either exposed or hidden. When exposed, they are long runs of metal sheets but if they are hidden, you notice a rubberized coating over top. Nevertheless, large cracks indicate broken flashing. Cracking is mainly caused by wind and rain especially when the flashing remains exposed because of corrosion of the tar meant to seal the flashing together.

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Leaky Roof Overview

In case you notice water stains that spread down the walls or across ceilings, it is highly likely that the problem is a leaky roof. Finding the origin of the leak is a difficult task but making repairs is an easy job. Make sure your leaky roof is fixed immediately even if you are planning to have a new roof soon or when the leaks do not bother you much.

Gradually, small Roof Leaks because bigger problems destroyed insulation, mold damaged ceilings, sheathing, and rotted framing. For instance, a flashing leak that caused you a costly repair bill started as a ceiling stain some years ago; but if the homeowner acted promptly, there would be no damages or any subsequent repairs would have cost less.

After finding out the source of the leaks, you will need to choose the appropriate company right away for repairing the leaking roofs. As professionals, we are qualified and highly experienced when it comes to repairing roof leaks; we will make sure your roof is once again doing its job perfectly and it will stay put for a long time protecting your home or business. Contact us today for more information about your options.

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