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How to ensure a perfect roof Ventilation System

Your Roof ventilation system can work perfectly if the flow of air flow is balanced between intake and exhaust system in attic. Your Roof must be designed in a way so it can work naturally and allow natural flow of air. a proper and well design roof can ensure natural circulation of air in your house that also save energy because you will not have to rely more on mechanical flow of air through power. So basically Air flow is must for your home either naturally or mechanically. Your priority should be through natural ways of ventilation to save long term cost and energy. If you home is designed in old fashion then you will have to provide through mechanical ways which is expensive in terms of cost and energy.

Roof ventilation systems are always installed in a unique way according to the location and climate of the environment. In Michigan weather conditions roof ventilation system is installed while keeping in mind the factors such as local code requirements, climate and as per USA FHA guidelines. You can use the Attic& Ventilation calculator to have an idea of attic ventilation as per US FHA recommendations.

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Use 1/300 General Rule for Roof Ventilation System:

You must keep in mind the following recommendations while installing a Roof ventilation system. It can vary as per the local standards and environment but the main focus should be the balance Ventilation system for your Roof.Your house will only be possible only with Proper attic ventilation that can be achieved if there is a balance between air intake and air exhaust.The U.S. Federal Housing authority recommends a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic floor space.

benefits you can avail after Roof ventilation: 

Extend the overall life and value of your home and roof.

Reduces the energy cost because you rely on natural flow of air intake and exhaust that save outer power source.Your Air condition bills will be lower that will save cost.

Moderate indoor temperature.Your room and overall house temperature will be comfortable because of adequately vented roof to allow the passage of hot air and cold air balanced with the attic space.

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How Professional Roofers can help you vent?

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