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How To Avoid Being The Victim of an unprofessional and bad roofing work

Unfortunately, not all roofers are well reputed and experienced in their field.Most of these roofers use spam marketing to get one time deal and put homeowners roof at risk.If you are having a bad experience with an unprofessional roofing work by a previous roofer then it’s the right time to recover  from the loss and get your roofing rework at minimal cost while using maximum material already use that will save some money.

In our 20 years experience as a Roofer in Michigan, we observed that these so called roofers bid lower than the current market rates and home owners got attracted to them because of lower cost. We have seen many homeowners who after few months complain about roof leak and it becomes very difficult for them to track those roofers. Their shoddy work can make homeowners suffer financially and mentally.As a homeowner, you will have to pay extra for any other professional roofer.

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It’s a great challenge for homeowners to avoid being the victim of such roof scammers and unethical roofing services.There are few tips that can help you avoid hiring such roofers in your area.

  1. Make sure the roofer you are hiring must have a Local Working permit and license.
  2. Always ask for a Free Quote first and ensure what material there are going to use.Always use branded material with warranties like GAF and Certainteed Recommended material.
  3. Ask for their past work and if possible then visit their past work sites and check their work. Verify their past work and then short list.
  4. Always hire a local roofer because a local roofing company better know the building codes and regulations.
  5. Never pay full amount as upfront and pay in different installments like “pay as you go” model.
  6. Check your Roofer insurance documents because If any injuries occurred as a result of a roofer’s negligence and they don’t have insurance, you could be responsible for that.
  7. Make a writing contract where line items should be specified. For example, job details regarding removing  old roof debris after tear off,repairing of damages or gutter related work.A reputable company will know the upfront cost you should know with all material details.

A bad roofer can do more harm than good in the long run for your home. In many cases, you may not even realize they’ve done a bad job repairing or installing your roof. Then suddenly new issues reveal themselves, such as leaks in your roof. Hidden damage may be revealed during a routine inspection, such as damaged flashing, damaged fascia, or rotting decking. You could even find yourself legally liable for any roof work done without a permit. Any roofer worth their salt will ensure everything’s in order permit-wise before starting work. If any injuries and/or damage occurred as a result of a roofer’s negligence and they don’t have insurance, you could be responsible for that . . 

As a serious note, you must remember that a bod roofer can do more harm than helpful in the long run. Ultimately, you will have to pay for the damages that may appear after a few months in the form of loose shingles or leaks. 

As a professional roofing company of Michigan and trustworthy customer base, You can request a FREE CONSULTATION and can hire us if you are 100% satisfied with our work,timely delivery of your project and material selection

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