how important is roof insulation

How important is roofing insulation?

Roof insulation plays an important role in avoiding energy loss and saving money. The more the energy efficient house the lesser the energy costs would be. By controlling the internal temperature, it keeps the heat inside as required and outside when not needed.

There can be two types of insulation:

  1. Warm insulation which is installed under the roof in order to avoid the house being excessively hot in summer and cold in winter.
  2. Cold insulation is mainly placed above the ceiling of the top most floors to maintain a regulated temperature by preventing the heat from escaping.

Homeowners often tend to ignore the importance of roofing insulation. This interferes with health of the roof leading to problems like leakage, higher utility bills and infestations.

Investing in roof insulation can be a wise decision for the following reasons:


It retains the temperature: 

25% of the heat loss is dependent on the roof insulation. Efficient insulation system will ensure to maintain a healthy internal environment as well as ensuring the right temperature. During the cold weather the insulation will keep the house warmer and prevent it from getting hotter in the hot weather.

It provides additional layer of protection: 

Insulation creates a long term protection against excessive amounts of moisture caused due to ice melt. Being exposed to high temperature will cause the snow to melt down. This will seep under the shingles and open up the cracks. Proper insulation will act as a shield against moisture and ice dam.

It can prevent roof leak: 

During the winter, insulation enables the temperature to be at least ten degrees warmer as compared to the outside. This is important as otherwise there will be ice dams on the edges of the roof. These in turn will lead towards roof leakage. So, make sure that you properly insulate the roof to help prevent the damages.

It lessens the carbon footprint: 

Right now we are being faced with an issue of global warming. So we are aiming to reduce the emission of carbon by maximum amount. Insulation helps achieve this target. As it decreases the energy consumption which causes less emission of dangerous pollutants helping in pollution control.

It adds home value: 

Roof is a protective blanket of the house. Therefore, its maintenance is of utmost importance. A poorly insulated roof will have a short life span and will decrease the value of the house. Proper insulation will increase the lifespan of the roof adding value to the house. This is important as the roof has many important roles to play for the house.

It prevents the growth of mold: 

Warm temperature and moisture breeds the growth of mold. Insulation gets rid of this excessive production of moisture. This way the breeding ground for mold can be avoided.

Usability of attic: 

A number of homeowners tend to use the attic as a proper usable room. However, if not properly insulated, the temperature makes it an uncomfortable place. As it will become too hot during the summers and too cold during the winter times. Although the temperature can be controlled to a level of desire through a properly insulated roof.

All of these benefits can be within your reach through proper insulation of the roof. It not only reduces the energy consumption but helps you save the extra money you would be paying otherwise. Thus, it is necessary to invest in roof insulation if you find roof leak signs so you can avail the long term perks it carries. You need to immediately call the professionals in case of experiencing extreme temperature changes. Or, experiencing damp ceilings let the roofers advise you to their best. They will suggest the right type of insulation suiting to your budget.

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