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How to extend the life of your home in 2021?

Roof protects your house from getting damaged from any unwanted and problematic events like wind and heavy rain. Turns out your roof is the most important part of your house. Many people out there really get the phenomenon of taking care of the roof and having regular visits by the professional roofer’s importance, whereas there are a number of people who take the well-being of their roofs for granted. 

Usually, roofs have the lifespan of 15 to 20 years depending on how good you take care of your roof. Longevity of the roof totally depends upon the care by the owner as well as on the material and the roof making methods. The better you take care of your roof the longer it will last.

Methods/Ways to Increase Your Roof Lifespan

If we look for the roof life extent, we will find numerous ways. But this all needs consistent roof care by the owner.

By Keeping The Roof Clean

Cleaning the roof has a great impact on your roof durability. One must consider this step as the most important step in taking care of the roof. The best  act one can do is to keep the roof clean. You can easily clean the roof by climbing up using a ladder and for the roof cleaning purpose you will not necessarily be climbing on to the roof top because all the dirt will collect in the gutters, and from there you can easily remove the dirt and debris. But if we talk about the sloping designs of the roofs, this will make it hard for debris to collect along the slopes.

If you will not regularly clean the gutters, then the dirt and debris will pile up and get you in big problem. This will clog the gutter and result in causing damage to the connecting boards. They can also cause the premature fall of the windows. The biggest hazards for your gutters include snow and ice. Because it can easily clog the gutter for days.

Professional Roof Inspections

Roof inspection is the most important step to get the idea about the damage at a very early stage. This will not only save you from paying high bills but will also detect the problem at an initial phase. If the problems get undetected than in longer run it will get worse and you must pay much higher bills for the repair that you saved previously. 

Getting a professional roof inspection is quite expensive but the good thing is you only need it once a year, or once in every two to three years. Roof inspection is costly but can save you from paying a high bill at the roof repair.

Ventilation and Insulation Importance

Poor ventilation only harms your roof. water is the main cause for the roof destruction in the form of leakage, if not repaired on time, gets you in a whole lot of trouble that you must get a new roof instead of timely repair.

Same goes for the heating tools in your house they can literally destroy the whole roof (wood or asphalt shingles). If your house does not have a proper ventilation system, then the hot air is going to build up in the attic and will damage the roof from inside, as the hot air has no way to go out because of the poor ventilation, it can rise thus resulting in breakdown over the period.

Keeping the Snow and Ice Away 

These both are known to be the main cause for aging the roof. The reason behind its occurrence is that ice and snow add a little too much weight on the roof and secondly the extended contact with the ice and snow will decrease the temperature of the roofing material and in result this will cause the roof materials to expand and contract, which is quite hard for them.

Removing the ice and snow from the roof is the key to minimize the occurrence of severe damage. The only way to get rid of the ice and snow is to climb up on the roof and use a scraper to remove all the ice from your roof top (always wear the safety gears to avoid any mishap). There are professionals as well for removing the snow from the roof if you are not comfortable or feel safe to remove it by yourself then you can also call the professionals. 

Removing Moss and Mold

As the Mold and moss hold moisture, result in damage as they accelerate the process of decay. The areas that are less exposed to sunlight are probably more prone to grow moss and Mold. They feed on whatever surface and literally damages the whole area. So, removing the moss and Mold on time is always recommended.

Grass Moss and Wet Weathered Roof

There are many mosses removing stuff presents in the market but few of them are hazardous. Unfortunately, the only good way to remove the junk is by the chemical solution. But it does more harm than good to the environment. But you can look for other options too. You can put a container at the end of your downspouts and collect the chemical for its safe disposal. In an environmentally friendly way you can remove grass moss by adding 8 ounces of regular dishwasher and 1.5 to 3.5 cups of white vinegar in 2 gallons of water, mix all the three ingredients then use them to remove the moss.


Roofs need proper care and regular visits to clean your roof to look out for the damaged shingles. This can surely save your roof from severe damage and increase its longevity. We hope that this blog has given you the idea to extend your roof life and will surely help you out. This blog is for educational purposes to give you an insight about your roof related issues. 

We hope you will find these methods helpful for your roofing needs. If you know we missed some more useful tips then comment below your suggestion to share with Roof owners community here. You can call at 734-526-4955 for your roofing needs with Free Estimates for your roofing. We will be happy yo assist you for any questions regarding your Roofing needs.

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